3 févr. 2018

3 déc. 2017

Bahamas cruise

3 jours de croisière aux Bahamas croqués ici, tout au long du voyage.
Petit carnet format A6 qui m'a accompagné partout, stylo encre sépia Faber-Castell

28 août 2017

GoT spoils

Quand quelqu'un te spoile Game of Thrones...
C'est tout ce que je veux:
"Brule les tous, feu gregeois!!"

7 août 2017

28 juin 2017


la la la
I am Snow White, friend of the forest
Birds are twitting, sun is bright... The kind forest is awakening


I am Princess Mononoke, the forest spirits' princess!!
fuck off

Ah, so you're a forest princess too, right? Snow White from what I've heard
huuum yes
So come with us! We must fight the human threat to save the forest!

 But I can't go too far from my home! Who's going to take care of cleaning the house?
And... I need to wait for my Prince to save me! I can't do anything without him.
Do you have a prince?
Let's sing together!

Rooh! I told you to eat slower...
Com'on now you've got an indigestion 

[That's it. the real story of Snow White (apple and so on... Bullshit...)]

Aaa... At least we won't have to listen to these shitty songs anymore.